The Core Values driving our work are grounded in:

  • Sovereignty: having freedom of decision and not being subject to conditional financing policies that contradict the rights of the Palestinian people and the agenda of national policies and plans.
  • Food systems transformation: by advocating the rights of farmers and consumers, and influencing the agricultural and food policies can bring about real and positive change at the national, regional, and global levels.
  • Shifting from action language to change language: where the ultimate change in the behaviors and practices is more important than the implemented actions. i.e. showing achievements “change” rather than activities “actions”.
  • Learning and Participation: The community informs, designs, leads, and mobilizes by exchanging knowledge and experiences to bring about positive institutional and community change.
  • Entrepreneurship: A firm belief in the role played by the pioneering work in strengthening the resilience of the economy and local food systems in times of crisis.